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  1. Limited Liability


Vulcaflex has compiled the detailed information provided on this website from internal and external sources, to the best of its knowledge and belief, using professional diligence.


3.1. We make an effort to expand and update this range of information continuously. The sole purpose of the information on the website is to present Vulcaflex products and services, in addition to providing professional information and tips related to rubber artifacts and their applications for the automotive, bike and industrial business lines. However, no representation or warranty is made, either express or implied, as to the completeness or accuracy of the information on the site.

We specifically ask you to be aware that this information may no longer be up-to-date. As a result, we recommend that you check any information you obtain from this site before using it in any way.


3.2. The recommendations made on this website do not exempt you from making your own inquiries about the latest information – especially our safety data records and technical specifications – about our products, checking their suitability for the desired processes and purposes. If you need any recommendation or instruction regarding our products or services, please contact us directly through Customer Service (SAC) via e-mail to: [email protected] Users of this site declare that they agree to access this site and its content of their own accord and at their own risk.


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4.2. Any improvements or additions to the Website will be subject to these Terms of Use, unless we expressly stipulate otherwise. We may introduce new specific sets of terms and conditions for specific Services, as appropriate, or amend existing specific terms and conditions.


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  1. Responsibilities


6.1. Except in the case of proven misconduct, at no time will Vulcaflex be liable for (a) loss or damage of any kind arising as the result of any Content posted on the Website, these General Terms or any other information or data provided through the Website; or third-party services made through or based on information or Content provided on the Website.


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